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Porano’s Origins

February 10th, 2013

Porano is a beautiful town situated on a hill 444 m above sea level, bordering the territory of Orvieto and Lazio, and its location is so strategic that it has been a popular destination since ancient times.
The term Poranum – as can be inferred from the suffix – is of latin origin, and should derive from the Latin “porro”, which means “outpost”, and that is why the area was often the scene of fierce clashes. The first historical records that indicate it as Villa dates back to the twelfth century, the first document appointing it instead as castrum is from the fourteenth century.


February 8th, 2013

The town of Porano shares with the nearby town of Orvieto, a significant historical, archaeological and environmental heritage, as to be inserted in PAAO (Archaeological and Environmental Park of Orvieto’s discrict).
In fact, there are on the territory of Porano still fine examples of historic buildings as Villa Paolina, with its eighteenth-century park, trees and typical Italian gardens.
Etruscan tombs as the Hescana’s Tomb and the tombs Golini I and II (IV sec. C) the only
ones with mural paintings in the entire region and the whole Volsinian area, still visible in
situ at the National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto, along with a remarkable series of the City of Porano and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Umbria.
An important circuit for equestrian tourism is also represented by “the Bridle-way of the Region of the Tuff, and Porano is among the main promoters of this interregional project.


February 6th, 2013

From Porano there is an amazing panoramic view of the Duomo of Orvieto and other natural views of the valleys of the rivers Tevere and Paglia. The historic center is still defined by a ring of medieval walls, largely intact, and thus the village retains the typical fortified, characterized by narrow alleys, steps, and architectural remains from different historical periods.


February 3rd, 2013

Il Boccone del Prete – Osteria umbra
Via Bellini, 12/14
Tel. 0763.374772
E-mail: info@ilbocconedelprete.it

Da Claudio e Luciano – Trattoria/Pizzeria
Via Marconi, 33
Cell. 339.1034213

Baraonda Bar
Via N. Neri, 1
Tel. 0763.374469
Jollypan – Snack Bar/Panificio Snack Bar/Bakery
Via Marconi, 5 – Tel. 0763.374814

Maria Luisa Pezzola – Pizzeria
Via B. Tecchi, 19
Tel. 0763.374276

Porano Turismo

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